About Us

About Us

This is AutosportsIndia, an Internet & Print Media Automotive Adventure Sports

Back in 2014, we planned to empower the Automotive Community Transformation. From the break of the day to the wee hours, we constantly work to perfect the Automotive civilization in India. Our efforts are constantly recognized by renowned organizations, some of which hold important partnerships with us. Strive to thrive, being our motto, we not just think of out of the box ideas, we model the ideas into things of brilliance.

On being asked how to tend to improvise the current status, our call is training along with technical inputs from experienced ones. We lay emphasis to train the youth through Webinars and Workshops and enable them to compete successfully in National/International Automotive competitions. We train with the belief that the entire process is as exciting and fun loving as the end result. The training programmes largely focus on providing in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals of manufacturing automotive parts and designing racing vehicles. ATVs, Bikes and Formulae Cars are some of the vehicles which the student can successfully self-manufacture. Polaris, Volvo and Skill-India are the pillars supporting our training programmes. BAJA-SAE aims to deliver classic knowledge on the formulation of ATV's that can withstand the roughest terrains. FSAE helps in the development of prototypes of Formula-style racing cars Another very prime part of the programme is the driver training, a skill which needs to be perfected by all who pursue this programme. In addition to the trainings, there are frequent organizations of workshops along with certification which endeavour to impart fundamental knowledge.

Our successful events include Mega ATV Championship which has been recognized by professionals. This event was organized as an Off-Road competition to test ATVs made by college students when subjected to challenges close to reality. We spread good times and awareness about a numberless range of ATV's and Go Karts for off-road tracks. After the overwhelming response we received for the above mentioned championship, we plan on taking it to the next level by organizing the Mega Karting Championship. Mega Karting Championship plans to make the adrenaline flow faster by incorporating double the fun and adventure and startle you with the uniqueness. Buckle up and let your freak flag high. Don't miss the opportunity. You can't win if you don't enter.

Let’s work together! To produce a perfectly engineered Automotive India built on hand-up and not hand out. "