1.What all takes place in Mega KARTING Championship 2017?
Ans:The event contains high level risky events which will test the team performance beyond the boundaries. This is a performance based competition of self manufactured OFF- ROAD Go-Karts (Small dune buggies). Karts would be judged on design, manufacture and utility in solving real world situations. Team’s capabilities to strategize would be a major factor in deciding victory or loss. For a refreshing as well as learning environment several workshops and cultural event will be organized.

2.What is the level of the competition?
Ans:This is an international Level self manufactured off road Go-Kart (Small dune buggy) racing championship. In which special professional event are introduced to check the dynamic capability of the participants.

3.Is there any Night Event?
Ans:Yes!!! The final race\Endurance race will be on night and all the karts will be allowed to race at pitch dark and zero visibility. This is one of the most interesting event of Mega Karting Championship, for further details kindly click on the EVENTS section.

4.Is there any special requirement for the driving license??
Ans: Yes, for the drivers civil license is required issued from Government agencies of any country and driver’s License issued by FMSCI (for Indian drivers) and FIA license are also acceptable (For International Teams).

5.What does 'Risky events' mean ?
Ans:The risk factor in the event are very high and is quiet much different from the normal go kart racing and design events. Kindly go through the event section for the details of the events.

6.We are an international team, will you provide any support for shipping of the vehicle?
Ans: No, Transportation of the vehicle and team members will be sole responsibility of the team.

7.What is the registration process for the Teams out of India?
Ans:The registration process for the team will be same for national as well as international teams. Kindly go through the guidelines section.

8.How to register my team?
Ans:Visit the website of Mega Karting Championship and follow the registration process.  Click here 

9.How many teams can register?
Ans:Maximum of 100 teams is allowed to register for the event. First 100 teams who have registered and made successful payment will be considered for the final event.

10.How many teams can register from a college/University/society?
Ans:As this is an open challenge, there is no limitation for the number of participating teams from a particular club/society/college/university/country.

11.What is the registration Fee and mode of payment?
Ans : Please go through the GUIDELINES.

12.How many team members can be there in a team?
Ans: Minimum 10 and maximum 25 members are allowed per team.

13.We have registered our team. What is the next step?
Ans: Read the rule book thoroughly and start the process of manufacturing.

14.We have registered our team, so are we selected for Mega Karting championship & can we start to build our car?
Ans: Yes, all registered teams who have completed the payment are selected for the final event. Teams need to start the manufacturing.

15.Will there be any ‘Virtuals’ conducted?
Ans.As this is a professional level event and winner will be decided on the basis of performance on the track only. No, virtuals would be conducted. However, proof of running vehicle in the form of pictures and video might be asked before the main event.

16.When do we submit our registration fees?
Ans:After registration, teams need to pay the registration fees as soon as possible for the first phase. Teams who pay their registration fees earlier will be confirmed for the final event and registration will close after 100 confirmed teams.

17.What is the competition Date?
Ans : March, 2017.

18.What is the competition venue?
Ans: Nasik, Maharashtra

19.Will we provide accommodation/food at the competition venue?
Ans:There will be facilities available with some nominal charges.

20.What is the deadline to register?
Ans :Only 100 teams are allowed in the event. Registration will close when 100 teams successfully registers. It is first come, first serve basis.

21.Who can participate?
Ans :Anyone who is having a team, who can build go karts and having passion for driving, Students pursuing under any undergraduate engineering degree are eligible. Also, 2015 pass-outs are also eligible.

22.Any rules to make the Vehicle?
Ans :Refer to MKC RuleBook. You can also refer to rule book of International GO KART for specifics on manufacturing the vehicle, however do keep into consideration the guidelines for extra modifications you need to make given  in the MKC rulebook.

23.Why we need to install lights in the Buggy?
Ans :As there will be night endurance event so teams need to drive their vehicles in pitch dark, hence team need to install light with proper intensity with power back up of at least 4 hours in their vehicle.

24.Who finances the participating teams?
Ans :Teams can request for sponsorships from different organizations and their College/Institution. Teams can ask Autosports India for “letter of recognition”. Autosports India will provide LOR to registered teams which will help the team to get sponsors and arrangement of funds.

25.What is LOR?
Ans :LOR refers to “Letter of Recognition”, Autosports India will issue LOR to the registered teams as a proof of participation, which will help the team to present in front of officials of the company when you are seeking for a sponsorship.

Ans : Integrated team refers to the team, formed by combination of teams form different institutions/University/club/society. Twenty five members will be selected from different organization and form a single team.

27.Will autosports india will choose members for integrated teams?
Ans :No Autosports india is no longer responsible for selection of team members. It is the responsibility of the teams to select the members for their team of their choice and requirements.

28.HOW TO FORM an integrated team?
Ans : Teams are advised to make collaboration with some other teams if they think it is necessary and beneficial for them. If any team thinks that member of some other organization are useful to them can make a part of their team by making a fruitful collaboration.

29.What is the benefit by formation of integrated team?
Ans : By formation of integrated team knowledge, technology, experience and contacts can be shared and performance result and product can much better.

30.Which engine to be used for this competition?
Ans : Engines of Briggs and Stratton, 205 CC, 6.5 HP, to be used. All engines should not be more than 2 years old at the time of competition. No engines other than the specified model are accepted. A separate notice regarding engine will be provided on website.